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World Ports for Custom Clearance

King Khalid International Airport and the Dry Port in Riyadh

Individuals - institutions - companies - bodies

We are looking forward to being one of the most prominent workers in the field of customs clearance. We seek, after God Almighty, our sincerity and commitment to our customers with distinguished cadres and through development plans we seek to be the best who provides customs services at the customs of King Khalid International Airport and The dry port in Riyadh through development and work to provide competitive prices that satisfy all groups of companies, institutions and individuals.

Our goal

The primary mission of the World Ports Corporation for customs clearance is to provide customs services and our goal is to become the best choice in the field of customs services at King Khalid International Airport customs and the dry port in Riyadh by developing, training and finding solutions to provide a list of competitive prices and high-quality services to attract a wide segment of customers.

Our Services

SABER Registration

SABER is the extraction of Saudi standards certificates through the Saber platform

Dealing professionally with problems that might hinder the customs transactions

Dealing highly professional with problems that may interfere with your customs transactions.

Special representative to receive documents from your residence transactions

Special representative to pick up your documents from your company site.

Specialize in all customs clearance.

Specialized in all customs clearance works.

Recovery of customs duties linked insurance.

Refund of customs fees linked to insurance.

Transport goods through secured transportation

Transporting your goods by secure means of transport.

Periodic reports on imports.

Periodic reports on your imports.

Storage areas

Storage areas