About us

We are Ports World Corporation for Customs Clearance, License No. 3241, and issued on 01/07/1434 AH corresponding to 05/11/2013 AD. For its owner / Badr Fayez Al-Khaldi.
Our headquarters are in Riyadh, Al-Malaz District, at the intersection of Dhahran Street with Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Road. There is a branch of the Foundation at King Khalid International Airport that follows up and cleared cargo at the airport, cleared and supervised it effectively and that along with our activity and services in clearing incoming shipments to the dry port in Riyadh.

We work in the field of customs clearance and transportation since the year 2013 AD and we have many advantages and services that we provide to our valued customers .. They are:
• Clearance of imported goods and cargo to King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh
• Clearing containers, parcels and retail shipments incoming to the dry port in Riyadh
• Registration in the Saber system
• A special representative to receive your transaction documents from your company's headquarters.
• Transporting all goods, consignments and containers cleared from the customs port to customer warehouses.
• Container storage services until they are delivered to customer warehouses (according to the client's request)
• End the clearance procedures under the direct control of the broker to maintain the safety of the shipments
• Direct supervision of shipments when they are removed from customs for transportation
• Issuing a record in case the goods are damaged or short of customs, in order to preserve the rights of the customer.
• Shipments arrive at your warehouse as quickly as possible and in all safety, God willing.

This is in addition to the many and many advantages and services that meet all your desires and needs in all areas of customs clearance, including workmanship, speed and delivery.
With our sincere kindness, appreciation, and hope that we will obtain your approval and approval,

                                                                           Our Value

                                                          Credibility and safety are the path to success

                                                           World Ports Corporation for customs clearance